Aviation Training Student Loans

Loan Information

  • Interest rate will vary dependent upon credit score
  • Custom loans from 5 to 10 years. Flexible payment plans to meet your budget
  • No prepayments penalties
  • Unsecured student loan

Lending Prerequisites

  • Must be a US citizen
  • 2nd class medical or better
  • Completed IACRA application
  • $1000 down payment
  • Bank statement $2,500 in account
  • 640 credit score or co-borrower with 700+ credit score
  • Co-borrower recommended
  • Subject to credit check
  • Subject to employment verification
  • Must complete entire program within 36 months of admission

Sample Loan Plans

Content of packages Gold packages Silver packages Bronze packages
Private Pilot licence
Instrument Rating
Commercial Engine Rating
Multi Engine
Multi Engine Instructor
Private Pilot Kit
Instrument Kit
Commercial Kit
All checkrides 1
All written exams 3 3
Books and Miscellaneous
Total Price


Additional required costs



Program Information

  • Accelerated part time. Finish as fast as with any major competitor in the US.
  • You are not obligated to be on campus for 8 hours a day, YOU set your own schedule.
  • Guaranteed interview upon completion of program. Once hired, we will enact a loan rebate program based upon how long you stay with the company

Obtain Immediate Employment with Nextgen Flight Academy

Upon successful completion of your flight instructor certificate and acceptance of the job opportunity with NextGen, NextGen will, in addition to paying you a salary, NextGen will also pay the following to your lender as compensation:

  • 12 Months/500 Hours – Loan rebate $3000
  • 24 Months/1000 Hours – Loan rebate $3000
  • 32 Months/1500 Hours – Loan rebate $3000
  • 48 Months/2000 Hours – Loan rebate $3000

FAQ Questions

We start with a soft pull of your credit, if approved we make a hard inquiry.

Contact your flight school for other options they may have for you.

As part of the negotiation we do for your loan program, we require flight schools to “lock in” the hourly rate they charge you if you need additional hours not covered under their program. This is an added benefit of going through Stratus for no additional cost to you.