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Stratus Financial Celebrates 150th Flight School Partnership

Stratus Financial Celebrates 150th Flight School Partnership
150th Flight School Partnership: Stratus Financial’s milestone in empowering aspiring pilots and reducing pilot shortage.

Stratus Financial Celebrates 150th Flight School Partnership


Flight School Funding Lender Poised to Gain Market Share



150th Flight School Partnership marks a significant milestone for Stratus Financial, a trusted financial partner for flight schools. This leading funding provider for student pilots takes pride in announcing this partnership, which has been instrumental in reducing the pilot shortage and helping aspiring pilots achieve their aviation dreams.



Anthony Geraci, CEO of Stratus Financial, said, “Our flight schools provide an essential service in reducing the pilot shortage and getting people safely to their business or vacation destination. As our schools’ trusted financial partner, we provide the necessary funding to student pilots to help them achieve their aviation dreams. As we mark our 150th flight school partnership, we are excited to continue to provide custom solutions tailored to our schools’ and students’ needs.”



Since its inception in 2020, Stratus Financial’s revenue has grown 4,209%, which is largely a testament to the strong partnerships forged with its trusted flight school partnerships. Currently the fastest-growing privately owned company in Orange County, California, Stratus is poised to continue its growth and support of the aviation industry.



“Reaching 150 flight school partnerships is a soaring testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in professional pilot training. This milestone not only represents our dedication to empowering aspiring aviators but also underscores our position as a trusted leader in the aviation industry,” noted Gustavo Sánchez-Sorondo, Head of School Sales and Relationships at Stratus. “With each partnership, we’re not just expanding our network; we’re expanding horizons and unlocking dreams. This achievement is a testament to the trust and collaboration we share with our partners, and it reaffirms our collective mission to propel the future of aviation to new heights.”



With its expertise in aviation financing, Stratus Financial is well-positioned to continue supporting the aviation industry’s growth for years to come. For more information about Stratus Financial and its services, please visit their website at



About Stratus Financial


Established in 2020, Stratus Financial is committed to providing student loans to aspiring student pilots at all levels of experience and training. Created by a group of FAA-Certified Flight and Ground Instructors, Stratus Financial’s firsthand understanding of aviation’s essence drives our commitment to helping pilots realize their dreams. Their dedication goes beyond financial services; we are on a mission to finance aspirations and carve pathways to success. Stratus Financial’s innovative financial solutions echo this commitment, reflecting our dedication to supporting pilots at every stage of their journey. To discover how Stratus Financial is reshaping aviation finance, visit




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