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If you run into an issue, please contact our IT Helpdesk.
If you run into an issue, please contact our IT Helpdesk.

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Become an Investor

High Return Investment - Become A Part of Stratus Financial

Get a steady ROI with our high-yield investment products

Welcome to Stratus Financial Fund I, where the balance between capital preservation and profitability meet in the world of fixed income investments. Our flagship fund offers a compelling 13% fixed income return, serving as a cornerstone in your hedge or income investment strategy. What sets us apart is our rigorous stress-testing, demonstrating our commitment to resilience and risk mitigation.

Stratus Financial Fund I is tailor-made for investors seeking stability and growth. It serves as an ideal choice for pension funds, offering a robust fixed income hedging strategy. High-Net-Worth Investors (HNWI) and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Investors (UHNWI) will find in our fund a strategic avenue for wealth preservation and appreciation. At its core, our fund harnesses Consumer ABS, where we meticulously consider co-signers during the application stage, ensuring a comprehensive risk assessment.

Our approach to loan approval is rooted in science, leveraging our proprietary Strata Score and surpassing the information collection capabilities of traditional student loan lenders with institutional-level underwriting verifying all aspects of Borrowers’ representations. Stratus Financial Fund I is professionally managed, exemplified by our successful navigation through several bank audits, consistently maintaining clean files. Join us on a journey where precision, reliability, and strategic financial management converge to shape a robust investment opportunity.

We take a scientific approach to underwriting, ensuring our borrowers have the best chance at success.


Our fund is designed specifically to target the aviation industry, which is facing historic demand for pilots. By investing in student loans, we’re able to provide our investors with a great return while helping qualified borrowers finance their education.



What sets us apart from other investments is our Strata score. This proprietary algorithm not only looks at a borrower’s FICO score but also takes into account the entire picture of the borrower and their ability to repay the loan. You can get steady ROI with our high-yield investment products which means you can rest assured knowing your money is in good hands.



While many institutions focus solely on the applicant, we go a step further by considering co-borrowers during the loan approval process. Understanding the dynamics of educational financing, we recognize the importance of a co-borrower’s support. By factoring in co-borrowers, we not only enhance the applicant’s chances of approval but also acknowledge the shared responsibility in the pursuit of education. This unique approach sets us apart in the lending landscape, aligning our strategies with the evolving needs of borrowers and their supporters.



High Return Investment
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Our Loan Applications Have Exploded YTD 2023

Strong relationships and favorable terms with flight schools, nationwide demand from prospective students, and supportive tailwinds from airline employers(1) will continue to bolster demand for our products over the long-term.

1) increased wages, removing 4-year degree requirement, sign-on bonuses, etc.
Loan Applications Have Exploded YTD 2023

High Return Investment Requirements

What Stratus is Seeking From Investors & Offering in Return

Top Partners

We’ve Secured Top Partners & Are Growing…Fast

While only founded in 2020, Stratus has already demonstrated its value proposition to some of the leading private flight schools in the country and has grown its loan origination capacity exponentially, ~10x between 2021-2022 and ~4x expected between 2022-2023.

Ready to earn double-digit returns?

Our philosophy is simple: Take calculated risks, and never invest more than you can afford to lose. That’s why our investments are always backed by real estate or other tangible assets. You can sleep easy knowing your money is safe with Stratus Financial.

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