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Airlines have Doubled Pay, and There’s No Better Time to Becoming a Pilot

Travel is at Pre-COVID levels, but our pilots are not. Airlines have responded to the problem by significantly increasing pilot pay.

Historic Pilot Shortage Encourages Flight Schools To Fill The Gap

When the pandemic hit, one of the heavily-affected industries in the entire world was the travel industry.

Mother-Daughter Take On The Skies As Part of Southwest Airlines

For some people, working with your family members might not be the most ideal situation. But this is not the case for the Petitt family who made history last July 23, 2022 for being the first mother-duo to grace the skies as co-pilots for Southwest Airlines!

American Airlines Make Flight School More Affordable and Accessible

Good news! For the dependents of the employees of a specific airline, they can make flying a dream come true!

Invest On Your Future: How Much Does It Take To Become A Pilot?

Being a pilot is a significant investment. One that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Get Started On Your Books: The Top Five Things To Study In Advance

An aspiring pilot might believe that flying just requires intuition. But it doesn’t – it takes skills, which is based on research that pilots have been studying for YEARS.

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