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Aviation Recruitment Reaches Unprecedented Heights in October

Aviation Recruitment Reaches Unprecedented Heights in October
Aviation Recruitment Trends: Witness the surge in pilot employment, from 11,372 to a projected 13,500 by end of year 2022.

Aviation Recruitment Reaches Unprecedented Heights in October

This year has proven to be an excellent year for pilots, with 11,372 of them being employed from January to October. Predictions suggest that the recruitment rate will rise to 13,500 by the end of 2022, making it the most successful year of pilot hiring ever!

The US Department of Labor has projected that they need to hire 18,100 pilots to cover the annual airline pilot attrition, yet the number of hires for this year within the industry has only reached 2.5 times the highest it’s ever been, leaving them around 5,000 pilots short of their goal.

In the past month,, a free online platform for job seekers and employers in the aviation business, has seen an 11.5 percent growth in job postings as well as a 40percent rise in employer management. Additionally, job searches have increased by 66 percent and
over 270,000 pilots have requested to be contacted for job notifications. Sam Scanlon of has reported that the rate of hiring is steadily increasing, with job postings being largely unaffected by economical factors such as inflation.

Scanlon states that we assist companies in recognizing potential employees and then encourage them to apply for the company’s job openings. This has led to an increased number of applications. We also provide information about the company’s offerings such as signon
bonuses, work schedules, and housing, which has made it difficult for companies to stay competitive.

According to Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlooks latest estimations, a need for 602,000 new pilots, 610 new maintenance technicians and 899,000 new cabin crew members is projected in order to sustain the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years. Additionally, Boeing’s reports have slightly lowered the number of mechanics and pilots predicted to be required by 2040, according to Scanlon.

Demands Are Being Made Towards Flight Schools 
Scanlon states that flight schools and colleges are having difficulty providing resources such as assets and flight instructors due to airline hiring which is creating an ongoing gap in this area. To improve flight training, EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) is aiming to expand their virtual reality program in order to better prepare students for the real thing. The idea is that first year students studying aeronautical science are to fully immerse themselves in VR during their first four weeks on campus for them to get used to managing an aircraft, preflight checks and controls.

Ken Byrnes, the College of Aviation’s department chair and assistant dean, claims, “Frontloading the program with VR in this way also builds students’ confidence and reduces their anxiety, which is the main barrier to learning, before they ever set foot in a flight deck.

That’s why the university is renewing its commitment to VR this fall, adding two additional simulation stations that will increase the lab’s total from eight to 10 units.” 
He continues, “Essentially, we’ve increased capacity by increasing efficiency. When students are in these virtual environments, it is real to them. They sacrifice nothing in terms of educational quality.”

ERAU claims that the amount of time student pilots took to make it to their solo flight was reduced to 30% with the help of VR training regimen.
In September of this year, the uptick in student enrollments was observed by California Aeronautical University leading them to open its larger San Diego training facility. Moreover, in the coming weeks, FAPA is offering job fairs and future pilot seminars in Florida and Arizona.

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