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Be Prepared: The Challenges Of Being A Pilot

Want to be a pilot? Of course you want to! After all, the aviation field is not only one of the most challenging fields out there but it is also one of the most enjoyable ones. At one point in their lives, everybody has dreamed of flying in the skies. Being a pilot is one of the few ways you can do that while getting paid handsomely as well. However, many aviation enthusiasts might not be aware of the difficulties and challenges of the profession. This isn’t just limited to the application process. Even when you finally get the job that you’ve dreamed of for so long, you can still expect a few bumps along the way. 

In this article, we’ll list the several challenges and difficulties of being a pilot! 

How Do You Become A Pilot?

The journey to becoming a pilot isn’t an easy one. All jobs have their own way of becoming difficult at some point but when it comes to the aviation industry, there are certain challenges that are unique to this field. Here are the things you need to become a pilot and take to the skies:

1.A flight education
2.Required number of flying hours
3.A pilot’s license
4.Experience as co-pilots

You have to consider several factors while preparing to become a pilot. It’s not exactly cheap so you have to be prepared for student loans, flying tests, medical examinations, and many more!

Airline Admissions

At the end of the day, being a pilot is still a job. This means that you still have to apply for the job like any other person. They’ll size up your skills and put you through various tests to ensurethat you’re the right person for the job. You need to prepare yourself by learning about the history of the airline that you’re applying to and the reason why you’re applying to that said airline. Afterward, you have to pass the written tests.

When that part of the interview is over, the airline company conducts more tests and training for you. You have to fly specific aircraft types and become familiar with their safety procedures. There are also flight simulator training tests that you have to pass. These tests include several factors that are part of the challenges of being a pilot, which include but aren’t limited to engine failures, crowded airports, stressful situations, and changes in the weather. 

Hands-On Observation and Training

When the training courses are finished, you’ll be moved to the next point of training on the ground. You’ll finally be able to see the airline in action and how business goes on a daily basis. You’ll sit behind the captain, along with the co-captain, in the cockpit and get a feel of the job. You can also observe how the control tower and passengers are handled by professionals. When this part of the training is completed, you will be moved to the aircraft assistant seat which is the right seat in the cockpit. 

After The Training Period 

There will be an oral test with the captain after the training period. During this time, you will be asked about the plane, the procedures, the parts –everything about the aviation industry in great detail. Usually, aspiring pilots at this stage don’t have any problems answering these said questions. 

As The Head Of The Plane 

Everybody knows that once you’re inside a plane, the pilot can do whatever he wants as long as it’s within it’s their jurisdiction and the situation calls for it. The pilot is in charge of the operation of the aircraft and the lives of the passengers on board. They’re the ones faced with final decisions about whatever happens within the aircraft, such as who to allow and remove from flying. Additionally, the pilot must know about the type of weather they’re going to face and the operation of the various instruments inside the cockpit. It’s a heavy responsibility to bear on their shoulders, which is why pilots must be of sound mind and be prepared to handle all challenges that may come their way. 

You Got The Job! Now What?

People think that getting the job was the hard part. It’s not. The hard part is what comes after. Pilots experience a number of changes that will affect their lifestyle, such as:

●A hectic schedule 
●Changes in thebody’s biological clock
●Lack of vacations with family during special occasions
●Different climates 
●Various time differences

A few unknown challenges pilots face:

●Pilots are prohibited from having a beard.
●The pilot and crew are required to wear sturdy shoes on the flight.
●The pilot and crew often complain of the food being tasteless. This is because humidity and low pressure on board play a role in their tastebuds.

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