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aviation tips, pilot tips, long-haul flights

How to prepare for a long-haul flight as a pilot?

Preparing for a long-haul flight as a pilot requires a different approach than that of a passenger. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your next long-haul flight as a private pilot:
pilot financing

5 Tips for Financing Your Flight Hours: How to Budget and Save Money on Pilot Training

Are you interested in becoming a pilot but concerned about the cost of flight training?
student loans

Why students should finance their student loans with Stratus Financial

Paying for college can be a major financial challenge, and many students rely on student loans to help cover the cost of their education.
pilot hiring

Aviation Recruitment Reaches Unprecedented Heights in October

This year has proven to be an excellent year for pilots, with 11,372 of them being employed from January to October.
private pilot tips

15 Things to do as a Private Pilot

Being a private pilot is a fun and exciting experience. It can open up a world of possibilities and give you the opportunity to explore new places!
women in aviation, female pilot

Breaking Barriers: Women in Aviation Lead the Way Amidst Pilot Shortage

For centuries, the field of piloting has been a largely male-dominated one. According to the FAA, as of 2020, only 7% of the 103,879 commercial pilots were women.

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