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Breaking Barriers: Women in Aviation Lead the Way Amidst Pilot Shortage

For centuries, the field of piloting has been a largely male-dominated one. According to the FAA, as of 2020, only 7% of the 103,879 commercial pilots were women. Despite this, women have made a remarkable impact in the world of aviation since the Wright Brothers’ first 12-second flight in 1903. In 1910, Blanche Scott became the first female pilot when the plane she was allowed to taxi unexpectedly took off into the air. This moment marked the beginning of a new era for female pilots. Today, women are continuing to make strides in the aviation industry and inspiring the next generation of female pilots.


Women pilots were often referred to as “aviatrices” and began flying powered aircraft as early as 1908. However, due to gender inequality, they were usually restricted to working privately or in support roles within the industry. Aviation has allowed women to break barriers and made it possible for them to travel independently on long journeys. This is a trend that has been growing over the years and according to the Federal Aviation Administration, women now make up 7% of commercial pilot positions. This number is expected to continue to rise as more women are enrolling in flight schools. Overall, it is inspiring to see the progress that has been made for women in aviation, and we look forward to a future where the industry is even more inclusive.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the aviation industry, causing a shortage of pilots that has impacted both commercial and private flights. Despite this, there has been an encouraging increase in the number of women learning to become pilots. According to Women in Aviation International, 14.2% of student pilots in 2020 are female, a 28% increase since 2017 when the figure stood at 9.8%. This is a positive step forward in the aviation industry, and there is now a growing demand for female pilots, particularly in the private jet charter sector.


The aviation industry, and particularly the charter service industry, is in need of more female charter plane pilots for two key reasons. First, female pilots are known for their skill and attention to detail when it comes to aircraft performance capabilities, operational procedures, and cockpit layouts. Secondly, female pilots can provide excellent customer service to help travelers feel safe and taken care of. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that prevent many people from becoming pilots. Financially, it can be a daunting task to earn a commercial pilot license, which requires a significant commitment and can cost up to $100,000. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 5.6% of pilots are women and 6% are people of color. To become a private jet pilot, you must meet the criteria set forth by the FAA, including being at least 18 years old and logging a minimum of 250 hours of flight time. Additionally, you must earn a second-class medical certificate. With the right training and commitment, however, becoming a paid private jet pilot is possible.


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