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Stratus Financial Welcomes New Partner

Stratus Financial Welcomes New Partner
New Partner, Todd Wohrman, joins Stratus Financial to boost student loans for future pilots. Explore this partnership’s impact on aviation.

Stratus Financial
Welcomes New Partner



Todd Wohrman Invests in the Future of Aviation

[Irvine, California] – Stratus Financial, a licensed student loan lender based in California comprised of seasoned professionals who have 40 years of experience in all facets of lending, flight school management and student pilots, has announced its latest partner, Todd Wohrman, Owner of Winv Painting and Coating and Forefront Construction Services, and President of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Inland Empire. This partnership’s objective is to further Stratus Financial’s commitment to providing student loans to future pilots.

“Global pilot shortages have been driving record demand for pilots,” noted Anthony Geraci, CEO of Stratus Financial. “In fact, according to Boeing’s Pilot and Technician Outlook 2023-2042, long-term demand for newly qualified pilots remains strong as over 649,000 new pilots will be needed to fly the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years.”

That’s where Stratus comes in. Stratus Financial, through its credit line and Stratus Fund I, is able to help bridge the gap. 
“Launched in 2021, Stratus Fund I’s pooled resources help finance student pilots in the space who may not qualify for traditional funding,” said Chris Ragland, CIO of Stratus Financial. “We are grateful to investors such as Mr. Wohrman who, together, are helping to fund the future of aviation.”

Stratus Financial’s average loan is $82k and their vetting process ensures that only fiscally responsible applicants are approved for lending. Their proprietary Strata Score takes into account many personal details including their FICO score, income, and assets when assigning a number that correlates to their ability to repay their loans. Due to this stringent process, the company has very few defaults.

“Our 2+ year track record boasts 13% returns that are not correlated to the pubic market,” continued Ragland. “Our conservative lending parameters require each borrower to maintain a stable income and/or have assets to pay for the loan payments while the student is going to school.” 
“We need to participate in strong partnerships if we are to truly address the pilot shortage. By contributing to Stratus Financial, I am able to be part of the solution while also earning a steady return on my investment,” said Todd Wohrman, President of EO Inland Empire. “I am excited about this partnership and having an impact on future of aviation.”
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About Stratus Financial
Established in 2020, Stratus Financial is committed to providing student loans to aspiring student pilots at all levels of experience and training. Created by a group of FAA-Certified Flight and Ground Instructors, Stratus Financial’s firsthand understanding of aviation’s essence drives our commitment to helping pilots realize their dreams. Our dedication goes beyond financial services; we are on a mission to finance aspirations and carve pathways to success. We envision a future where aviation remains an unbounded passion, where more individuals can take flight and make their mark. Our innovative financial solutions echo this commitment, reflecting our dedication to supporting pilots at every stage of their journey. To discover how Stratus Financial is reshaping aviation finance, visit

Chris Ragland
CIO, Stratus Financial
[email protected]

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