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How Stratus Works With Flight Schools to Achieve Their Students’ Aviation Dreams

How Stratus Works With Flight Schools to Achieve Their Students’ Aviation Dreams
Pilot Financing: Stratus addresses the need in student financing. See how we aid students in achieving their aviation dreams

How Stratus Works With Flight Schools to Achieve Their Students’ Aviation Dreams

Flight school owners come to Stratus to serve their students and help them succeed. Whether their student is trying to get their Private Pilot’s certificate, a Certificated Flight Instructor or an Airline Transport Pilot’s (ATP) certificate, flight schools serve as the pulse of the aviation world. Stratus fills the need of students who cannot financially pay for school and gives student loans to career pilots. Stratus owners our pilots and instructors in their own rights, and they saw a need in the industry to provide pilots financing by pilots.

How Stratus Fills the Void in the Much Needed Student Pilot Financing Space

Stratus went to work in 2020 to create a product that not only benefitted flight schools but their students as well. Stratus knew that they had to make it affordable throughout the entire pilot journey, from student pilot to CFI, Commercial Pilot or ATP. That’s why Stratus created different pilot lending options for student pilots to choose from.

Pilot Lending Options that Make Sense for Student Pilots

Most student pilots who are trying to figure out how to finance school are often trapped with a catch 22: they don’t make enough money to pay for school, but at the same time they know that if they get the funding, they will become pilots who can afford the flight school loans later. Stratus builds the bridge that makes all that possible. With Stratus, students can choose to defer payments while they are in school or to make payments immediately thereby making the loan cheaper throughout the life of the loan. We know everybody’s financial situation is different, and we put the power to choose in the student’s hands.

Real-Life Examples of How We Helped Students Achieve Their Aviation Dreams

Stratus is a unique lender in that we look at the entire borrower, not just your FICO score. A recent new student of stratus had applied for a loan at other lenders, but they were turned down. When you looked at the borrower and looked to see if overall they were worth betting on. After looking at the entire picture, Stratus approved the students’ loan. The student in question planned on working three part-time jobs as well as going to flight school full time. Where most lenders turned down the student due to their FICO score coming up we approved them based on they’re showing of working hard to get what they want.

That is the time for the partnership we offer your students, and that is the type of partnership we offer our flight schools. Whether you were just looking for financing options for your student pilots, or you are a student and looking for pilot financing options, give us a call and we can help you achieve your aviation dreams.

Are you passionate about aviation and dreaming of becoming a pilot? Stratus Finance is here to support your aspirations with our flight school loans. Whether you’re considering enrolling in flight training or already on your journey, we offer flexible financing options tailored to your needs.

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