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Stratus Financial Is Making Aviation Dreams Come True With Tailored Student Loans

Stratus Financial Is Making Aviation Dreams Come True With Tailored Student Loans
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Stratus Financial Is Making Aviation Dreams Come True With Tailored Student Loans


By Tom White, Benzinga Contributor



Tailored Student Loans are helping aspiring aviators achieve their dreams of becoming professional pilots by breaking through financial barriers. The sky has no limits, but the dream of becoming a professional pilot remains out of reach for many aspiring aviators. The journey to the cockpit is unfortunately wrought with financial barriers, leaving many with unfulfilled dreams. Students are frequently unable to pursue their dreams due to lack of funds. 



Brandon Martini and Anthony Geraci recognized the lack of available funding options in this space and launched Stratus Financial to disrupt this narrative. Stratus Financial LLC is a pioneering lending firm that was established in 2020 to address the financial shortfall for aviators and their aspirations. The company is on a mission to provide aspiring pilots with the financial assistance they need to take to the skies.



“According to Boeing’s technical outlook, 649,000 pilots will be needed by commercial airlines over the next 20 years. We are bringing necessary funding to the aviation industry to help fill this need,” said Anthony Geraci, CEO and Co-Founder of Stratus Financial. “There is no replacement for air travel, so this need will not abate in the coming years. We are here to help aviation dreams come true and address the pilot shortage the country is facing.”



The students have access to 5-to-7 different loan options, each with set interest rates. These options include variable and fixed interest rates, allowing students to choose their preferred payment terms. These Stratus Financial tailored student loans options provide students with a variety of payment options, with interest only followed by the rest of the term. These programs can range from an accelerated five months to about two years, depending on the specific curriculum. Standing out as the only company that works with both Part 61 and Part 141 schools, the company strives to help as many premier flight schools as possible.



Stratus Financial stands out from other lenders due to its “no shared risk” model. Unlike other loan programs that may require schools to underwrite the risk of borrowers defaulting on their loans, Stratus Financial takes on the responsibility. If a student defaults on a loan, the burden does not fall on the school. This model has transformed the way many flight schools approach funding. 



Stratus Financial primarily serves the United States, partnering with nearly 200 schools. The company currently lends in 41 states and U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, setting it apart from its competitors.



“Stratus Financial is not just a lending company; it’s a dream facilitator. We understand the deep passion that drives individuals to become pilots. We’re changing people’s lives, we’re changing the trajectory. I’m passionate about our mission and how we always put a lot of emphasis on helping people get to the point where they can become pilots and become the best version of themselves,” Co-founder Brandon Martini said best.



Stratus Financial owes its success to the journeys of its co-founders. 





Brandon Martini, COO and Co-founder of Stratus Financial



Brandon’s aviation story is anything but typical. He was under the impression that joining the military was the only way he could achieve his aviation dreams. Life had other plans. He found a family connection in aviation, giving him back his passion for flying. His path to becoming a pilot was difficult but rewarding.





Anthony Geraci, CEO and Co-founder of Stratus Financial



Anthony Geraci, an attorney in the private lending industry and serial entrepreneur, met Brandon through a mutual organization and discovered a passion for aviation. A visit to Brandon’s flight school led to a profound realization of the freedom and allure of flight, prompting Anthony to pursue flight training. With Anthony’s legal and private lending knowledge and Brandon’s flight school operations expertise, Stratus Financial was born.



Stratus Financial is like the wind beneath your wings in a world where there’s no limit to how high up in the sky you can fly. It makes us all believe that if you want to be a pilot, you don’t have to break the bank to get there. It is a dream within reach for those who dare to believe in the extraordinary.



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