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2.1 million new commercial aviation personnel needed

2.1 million new commercial aviation personnel needed
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2.1 Million New Commercial Aviation Personnel Needed

According to Boeing’s latest forecast, the aviation industry is projected to require an impressive 2.1 million new aviation personnel in the next two decades. This surge in demand, representing a 3.4 percent increase from previous projections, is vital to support the recovery of commercial air travel and facilitate long-term growth. 


Notably, China, Europe, and North America are experiencing the highest demand for new personnel, while Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia are witnessing the fastest growth rates. To meet this evolving need, Boeing Global Services, through its commitment to customer-centric solutions, is leveraging data-driven, competency-based training options, including innovative digital approaches like immersive learning experiences and virtual learning platforms.


A recent study released by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) corroborates Boeing’s forecast, revealing that the aviation sector will indeed require an additional 2.1 million personnel to fulfill essential roles in piloting, cabin crew, maintenance, and other aviation-related positions between 2019 and 2028. 


This signifies a remarkable 20 percent increase from the current workforce of 8.8 million employees. The demand for personnel arises from the anticipated growth in air travel, with the number of airline passengers expected to double by 2037. To effectively address this rising demand, the aviation industry must prioritize recruitment and training initiatives for new personnel while ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees. 


By providing the right support and resources, the industry can equip the 2.1 million new personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver safe and efficient air travel services. In this context, flight school loans could play a crucial role in enabling aspiring pilots and aviation professionals to access quality training programs, contributing to the industry’s workforce growth and ensuring a promising future for aviation.

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