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Airlines have Doubled Pay, and There’s No Better Time to Becoming a Pilot

Travel is at Pre-COVID levels, but our pilots are not. Airlines have responded to the problem by significantly increasing pilot pay.


Double The Pay


In June of 2022, Piedmont airlines increase their first officer salary from $51 an hour to $90.00 an hour, and every regional airline has raised salaries along the board to the tune of almost double what they were before COVID. Envoy doubled their salary as well.


Fill A Need, See a Need


Why are they doing this? Because they are slowly losing pilots to the major airlines as major airlines filled their needs from the regional airlines. This upward mobility creates opportunities for newly trained pilots to fill the roles these regional first officers and captains are creating.


The airline industry flows upward. First, new pilots either become commercial pilots or certificated flight instructors. After earning their time, they move up to the regional airlines and obtain their airline transport pilots certificate. With this certificate, all roads are open.


Bottom Line for Trainees?


New first officers at regional airlines can expect to make $90,000 a year based on 1000 hour flight time per year. The faster you get through your training, the faster you get the opportunities that are available to you now. There has been no time in the history of flight training that is better to learn to fly and earn a 6 figure salary than now.


The short answer is, airlines do not have an answer on how to keep their planes in the air without you. Do you have any questions on how to get started? Reach out to us at stratus financial and we will get you to one of our partner schools with a complete financing package to learn today.

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