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Airlines have Doubled Pay, and There’s No Better Time to Becoming a Pilot

Airlines have Doubled Pay, and There’s No Better Time to Becoming a Pilot
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Airlines have doubled pay and theres no better time to becoming a pilot

Travel has returned to pre-COVID levels, but the same cannot be said for our pilot numbers. In response to this challenge, airlines have taken significant measures to boost pilot salaries.

They’ve Doubled the Pay

In June 2022, Piedmont Airlines made a remarkable move by increasing their first officer’s hourly salary from $51 to $90. Other regional airlines have also substantially raised their salaries across the board, nearly doubling the pre-COVID figures. Envoy Airlines, for instance, followed suit by doubling their salary offerings.

The Driving Force

But why are they doing this? The answer lies in the increasing trend of pilots transitioning from regional airlines to major ones. As major airlines meet their staffing needs by recruiting from regional carriers, it creates opportunities for newly trained pilots to step into the positions left behind by these regional first officers and captains.

The aviation industry operates on an upward trajectory. New pilots initially become commercial pilots or certified flight instructors. After accumulating flight hours and experience, they advance to regional airlines and earn their airline transport pilot’s certificate, opening up a world of possibilities.

What Does this Mean for Aspiring Pilots?

New first officers at regional airlines can now anticipate earning around $90,000 annually, based on an estimated flight time of 1,000 hours per year. The quicker you progress through your training, the sooner you’ll tap into the opportunities available today. There has never been a more favorable moment in the history of flight training to learn to fly and secure a six-figure income.

In essence, airlines currently lack a definitive solution to keep their aircraft flying without you, the aspiring pilots. If you have any inquiries on how to embark on this journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Stratus Financial. We can connect you with our partner flight schools and provide comprehensive flight school loan packages to kickstart your training today.

Do you have a strong passion for aviation and are you dreaming of pursuing a career as a pilot? Stratus Finance is here to support your aspirations through our flight school loans. Whether you’re currently contemplating flight training or are already on your journey, we offer flexible financing options customized to cater to your individual needs.
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