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If you run into an issue, please contact our IT Helpdesk.

A guide on how to formulate a plan based on borrowing and repaying

A guide on how to formulate a plan based on borrowing and repaying
Borrowing and Repaying Loans: Guide to effective planning. Personalize your plan with Stratus for efficient debt management.

A guide on how to formulate a plan based on borrowing and repaying

Use a planning calculator to help personalize your plan


A planning calculator is one of the many ways you can create a plan to borrow and repay. There are different types of planning calculators online that you can use for yourself but it is ideal to personalize one that caters specifically to what you need. To personalize a plan, you must create a way to pay for your student loans, and a way to cover the necessities such as grants, other funds, or scholarships, which sounds like a lot of planning, but it’s worth it in the end and allows you to become organized.

In Stratus, we offer 5 loan programs, to know more about them in detail and what suits you best, contact us here or at (855) 301-3335 and a representative will be there to assist you! This is to help personalize your plan so that you can make updates and help you to know what to expect for your stratus loan payments that come in monthly, which can be incredibly handy.

Estimation can help you in the long run


Estimating something can help let you know how much you need and how much it can cost and help determine your expenses! Estimation helps with guiding you on how much you’d need to borrow, it can help you estimate your expenses for the school year, and help you determine, and check what loan program suits you best.  By having your debt be managed effectively through estimation it can reduce the number of loans you have by the end of the school year, which can take off burdens from your shoulder and help you tremendously.

If you are planning to start your training in flight schools and are planning to get loans, it is best to know what loan programs qualify for you. Reach out to our underwriting team here or call us at (855) 301-3335 to assist with you any questions or concerns.

Being careful of how much you borrow


Now, what do you mean by being careful of how much you borrow? That means prioritizing what’s important, meaning you should only borrow for the cost of tuition, and expenses related to that. So take the time you need to subtract money that you might’ve got from the work-study, the federal loans, the grants, scholarships, and whatever savings you or your family have up there. Doing so, it can help a lot as you can be left with the amount that you can pay for flight schools!

Do some self-reflection about your life before entering flight school


Like the last tip, you should borrow what you can AFFORD to pay back and estimate the salaries with each occupation. How do you know what the estimated salaries are for each occupation? By visiting the U.S Department of Labor’s website, there you can definitely find something that can help estimate your current salary by occupation so you would know what to expect.

Are you captivated by the world of aviation and do you dream of becoming a pilot? Stratus Finance is here to help support your aspirations through our flight school loans. Whether you’re in the process of considering flight training or are already on your journey, we provide flexible financing options customized to your needs.
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