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How to create a budget for flight training?

Becoming a pilot is a dream for many, but it can also be a significant financial investment. To make this dream a reality, it’s important to have a budget in place before beginning flight training. One option to consider is checking out Stratus Financial, this company specializes in financing aspiring & student pilots alike. Here are some steps to create a budget for flight training with Stratus Financial:

  1. Research flight schools: Look at the cost of flight training at different schools and compare prices. The cost can vary greatly depending on the location, type of training, and the type of aircraft used. Be sure to check if the schools you’re interested in are partnered with Stratus Financial.

  2. Determine the type of training: Decide whether you want to pursue a private pilot’s license, commercial pilot’s license, or another type of certification. Each type of training has its own associated costs, so it’s important to know which one you want to pursue. 

  3. Consider Stratus Financial: Stratus Financial offers financing options for flight training through loans. They are partnered with many flight schools, which can make the process of financing your training more convenient. Even if the school you want to attend is not partnered with Stratus, they can still fund your training.

  4. Factor in additional costs: Flight training costs include more than just tuition. You will also need to budget for things like books, charts, and other materials, as well as the cost of the physical examination, medical certificate and the cost of accommodation.

  5. Make a plan: Once you have a clear idea of the costs involved, create a budget plan that includes all of your expenses. Be sure to include a contingency fund for unexpected costs.

  6. Start saving: Start saving money as soon as possible to help pay for flight training. Set a goal and stick to it, even if it means cutting back on other expenses.

By following these steps and creating a budget, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pilot. Remember, flight training is an investment in your future and a budget will help you keep the costs under control while Stratus Financial will help you finance it.

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